Drug Wars: Somalia, Saturday August 30th.


Since the ban on the sale of fire arms have been in effect Warlord Al-Shabaab has held a reign of terror in the area surrounding the city of Bender Cassim in Somalia. The Somalian Unified Government has tried to take Bender Cassim from Al-Shabaab’s deadly grasp multiple times. The ruthless warlord has not only repelled each attack but completely embarrassed the Somalian Unified Government.

Al-Shabaab has made enough money on the sale of illegal weapons and drugs that he is ready to expand his reign of terror deeper into the chaotic land of Somalia. Al-Shabaab’s first target is the small city and land around Qandala. The Somalian Unified Government is determined to not let this happen. They have enlisted the help of Ras Kamboni, a ruthless drug lord that keeps to the seas and his own port of where he can command raids and strikes on the weak, the city of Caluula.

In fear of losing his own power and land Ras Kamboni has gathered up his forces in a head on battle against the devil himself, Al-Shabaab at the uncontrolled city of Qandala. Even though Ras Kamboni and the Somalian Unified Government think they are out gunned against the powerful Al-Shabaab, Ras Kamboni is ruthless in his tactics and will never back down from a challenge.

Who will win the battle of Qandala? Will the powerful Al-Shabaab expaind his reign of terror in Somalia or will the ruthless Ras Kamboni put an end to the power hungry warlord, Al-Shabaab? Choose your side and prepare for Battle!

Roster Coming Soon!


Splatmandu Paintball Club
13650 Harder Road
Three Rivers, MI 49093

Entry Fee

Pre-Pay: $30.00
Walk On Day of: $40.00
Purchase your tickets HERE

Canned Food Drive

Bring canned goods to go towards the Women’s Shelter of Three Rivers Michigan to earn your self extra raffle tickets. The more you bring the more tickets you will earn and the more karma you will get for helping a good cause. Trust me, this is airsoft, your going to need all the good karma you can get!

Team Colors

Drug Lord: Ras kamnoni/Somalian Government- All Black and Civilian clothing
No Tan or Green pants or shirts for civilian uniform, Khaki pants are the only tan colored clothes allowed
Black and White Camo or Black and Gray Camo are the only camo’s allowed for the Drug Lords

Warlord: Al-Shabaab- Woodland, Multi-Cam and other Green Camo’s

Engagement Range and FPS

1.0 – 340.9 fps : Arms length engagement limit

341.0 – 400.9 fps : 20 foot engagement limit

401.0 – 540.9 fps : 50 foot engagement limit, bolt action or permanent * semi-auto replicas only

541.0+ fps : Prohibited


Every 10 minutes


Each player will have the ability to medic other players. In order to be healed, you will need to carry a 2″x16″ piece of white cloth that can be tied around one’s arm. Players can only be healed once; after being healed once and killed for a second time, the player must go back to respawn, allowing him to re-enter the game and to take off the medic strip. If a player does not have a medic strip, other players are allowed to use their own medic strip to heal another player. Keep in mind though, the player you heal with your own strip will have to keep it on until he/she is re-spawned; do so at your own risk.

For Example:
Player A is hit and has not used his medic strip. He takes out his kill rag to signify that he’s been hit and has a bleed out time (bleed out time will be determined the day of the event).

Player B comes by and see’s that player A is bleeding out. Player B goes Rambo style on everyone in the area and gets to player A. Player B yells in a calm but demanding voice, “Give me your medic strip”.

Player A hands player B his medic strip and player B begins tying the medic strip around one of player A’s arms. Once the medic strip is completely tied on, player A is now allowed to pocket his kill rag and re-engage.

A short time later player A and player B go off by themselves and both players are hit by opposing forces. Both players pull out their kill rags and player B begins his bleed out time. Because player A already has a medic strip on his arm, he can not be healed and must go back to respawn.

Player B must wait for somebody nearby to heal him. If no one is around, Player B finishes his bleed out time and then heads back to respawn.

Both players arrive back to respawn a short time later and wait for the next respawn time. Player A is now allowed to take off his medic strip and pocket it for his next death.


Check In 7:30am – 9:30amChrono Open 7:30am – 9:30amRules/Opening 9:30am – 9:45amGame Start 10:00amLunch 1:00pm – 2:00pm2nd Half Start 2:15pmGame Over 5:30pmRaffle 6:00pm


12+ of age

Under 15 must be accompanied by parent/guardian

Under 18 must have waiver signed by parent/guardian

All participants required to sign waivers

Full seal Anzi-rated goggles with straps are required

Drum and box magazines only allowed on designated weapons.oted weapons