BARREL COVERS: All guns are required to have barrel covers on while in the staging area. Covers can be purchased at any major airsoft/paintball website or Kalamazoo Airsoft’s pro shop for two dollars each. This is a MANDATORY requirement. Please come prepared. Gas pistols can bypass this rule by removing the magazine from the gun before entering the staging area and holstering the weapon.

WAIVERS: A waiver must be on file for each participating player. For persons under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver before the player can play on the field. Each waiver is good for 5 years, so returning players do not need to fill out a new waiver. Click on the waiver tab at the top to fill out it out before attending or fill it out at the facility at one of two kiosks.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Because of the nature of this sport, we require you to be at least 10 years old to play.

SAFETY FIRST: Full seal goggles are mandatory, and strictly enforced. It is not required, but we strongly suggest face, neck, forehead, and knuckle protection as well. Any player’s eye protection not meeting the minimum requirements will not be allowed on the field. Full seal airsoft or paintball goggles must be worn at ALL times when in any play area, or non-safe zones. When on the field, either indoor or out, NEVER lift your mask or goggles for any reason. If you have a fogging problem, have an itch, etc., you must return to the safe zone before removing your mask or goggles.

NO SHOOTING: No shooting of any airsoft gun around the Airhouse parking lot or in the staging area. Your magazine shall not be in your gun until on the playing field. The ‘Staging Area’ is a NO FIRE ZONE. If you need to test-fire your gun, go out to the game field. This is the only designated area that you may shoot your gun. Approved eye protection is required anytime you are firing your airsoft gun. When in the chrono area, there must be a referee present. Magazines must be removed, chambers cleared, safety’s on, and barrel covers on, before entering the staging area. Be warned….You may be yelled at for not following these basic safety rules.

TRANSPORTING YOUR AIRSOFT GUN: During the transportation of your airsoft gun(s) from your car to the staging area or vice versa, you MUST use a gun case or bag. If you don’t have one, use a jacket, blanket, towel, or something to cover it up. The parking lot area and the road frontage is in plain view of Reed St. For public safety reasons and in compliance with Michigan law, your airsoft gun(s) must not be visible to the public.

ANNOUNCING YOU ARE DEAD: It is very important that every player designate themselves as being dead when they are shot in several ways. First, when you are hit, immediately extend your arm in the air and yell “Hit”. Yell “Hit” repeatedly, until the enemy stops shooting at you. At that point, keep the arm in the air, and announce, “Dead Man”, repeatedly, all the way back to your spawn. This minimizes the chance that you will be shot while you are dead. Please understand that you may be accidentally shot while being dead, but it may not be intentional by your enemy. The fog of war is not always your friend.

SPEED LIMITS: Prior to play, we will chronograph every gun. All airsoft guns must be at, or below, 360 fps with a .20 bb. Random chronograph checks will be performed throughout the day. Depending on the model of your gun, we may be able to do a spring change for you to get you within the legal limit. This is for everyone’s safety. Please understand if we restrict your gun from being used on our field because it is shooting over our limit. We want you, and everyone else to be safe.

ENGAGEMENT DISTANCES: For any airsoft gun, the minimum engagement distance is 3ft from the end of your barrel. Once the minimum engagement distance for the primary replica airsoft gun is compromised, the player is required to transition to a pistol or knife.

NO BANG KILLS: A player can not run into an area and yell “Bang, you’re dead!” Each player must be directly hit by a bb to be considered dead.

RICOCHETS AND GUN HITS: Ricochets and gun hits do not count at The Airhouse and do not properly simulate real-world physics. Only a bb traveling from an airsoft gun directly to the body counts as a “hit.” If you are unsure whether or not it was a ricochet, call yourself dead and respawn.

SEMI AUTO: The entire building is limited to semi automatic fire only

FRIENDLY FIRE: If you are hit by a friendly, you are dead. If you friendly fire another player, you are also dead. Play this rule with honor.

GRENADES: Grenades are permitted on the Field. In order for a grenade to count as a kill, a bb must hit a player. In other words, Tornado grenades may kill a player, but concussion grenades, such as Thunder B’s, will not count as a kill.

RIOT SHIELDS: The use of personal defensive “Shields” are permitted. Shields must be 40″ x 20″ clear plastic or smaller. When using a shield, the user can carry no larger firearm than a pistol, or fire a rifle on semi-only, and must lean his body and arm outside the shield to fire. There cannot be more than 1 shield per team on the field at any given time. Riot shields are available for rent for 5 dollars per day.

DEAD MEN TALKING: Dead men to NOT talk. When you are dead, do NOT talk in any way to other players, except to designate yourself as being dead. Simply spawn back into the game, and then talk.

KNIFE KILLS: The use of training knives, or home-made replica training knives are permitted on the field. When conducting a “knife kill” on your opponent, touch them with your replica knife, and say “Knife Kill”. Do not use excessive force, or throw the knife. To get a confirmed knife kill, you must use an item that resembles a knife.

KNIFE KILL LEADER BOARD: Getting a knife kill is difficult and prestigious, so we track and record them with a plaque given out at the end of every month. If you get a knife kill, let management know at the end of the round. The person who got knifed may be asked to let management know for it to be confirmed and posted. The only exception to that rule is if a REF witnessed the kill, then it is immediately confirmed.

BLIND FIRE: Blind fire is defined as simply firing without recognizing what you are firing at. Blind fire includes, but is not limited to: firing around corners without aiming; ducking under a window while firing through it; using a team member as a shield while shooting. In essence, if you can not put physical eyes on the target and its background, you are blind firing. You must present yourself as a target to your opponent(s). Always aim down your sights and acquire your target through those sights before firing. Hip firing is allowed, as long as you can acquire your target.

RADIOS: All players will be issued a radio. Supplies are limited to around 20 per team. Radios are optional and not required. Personal radios are allowed. Channel 1 is reserved for Yellow team and Channel 4 is reserved for Red team. Squads may use sub channels under those channels. Tuning into the enemies channel is considered cheating and will be disciplined as such.

NO CONTACT: There shall be no physical contact from any player, EVER, at Kalamazoo Airsoft. This includes, but not limited to; shoving, pushing, knocking your opponent down, hitting, or kicking. The sport of airsoft is a non-contact sport. Physical contact is subject to removal from the facility with no refund. Just don’t do it.

CHEATING: DO NOT CHEAT. We are very proud that our community is honorable, and we very rarely suspect people of cheating. Being a fair player gains you respect amongst your piers, while being a cheater, gains you disrespect. There is no million dollar prize at the end of the day. Play honorably, and people will respect you.

UNSAFE MANEUVERS: Airsoft is not parkour, so do not try any moves that may be unsafe.

REFEREE AUTHORITY: Field Refs are the authority while at the Airhouse. Do not argue with any field fef. His/Her job is to monitor the play area and make the game as fun and fair as possible. Their decisions are final.

SHOW GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP: Respect other players, animals, buildings, civilians, etc. Using foul language and excessively taunting other players will not be allowed. Pick up your trash and place it into the proper containers. Please keep the field, and staging area clean!

BUILDING LIGHTS: Help keep prices and fees down by not shooting at the lights in the building. Any players shooting at lights or intentionally causing any other damage to the property of Kalamazoo Airsoft or other players will be immediately removed from the building without a refund.